What is the XYO Network?

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The XYO Network allows developers to access a trusted source of geospatial data, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as enabling predictive analytics, autonomous navigation, and tracking of goods. By utilizing the network’s decentralized, secure, and immutable data, developers are able to create applications with confidence and trust, knowing that they are accessing accurate and reliable geospatial data. The XYO Network is also used to provide the infrastructure for decentralized applications, including a range of services such as asset tracking, identity management, and digital asset trading. With the XYO Network, developers are able to build secure, trustless and resilient applications, powered by geospatial data. This provides users with peace of mind that their data is safe, and that their transactions will be secure. Additionally, developers are able to benefit from the network’s scalability, allowing them to build applications that can be deployed on a global scale.


  • Where?

    The content provided was pulled from a about page on the XYO ecosystem of the XYO Community Platform.

  • Who?

    All features, operations, and content within the XYOCP is provided by other members within the XYO community.

  • Why?

    The education and introduction of the capabilities of XYO is a primary element of the XYOCP primary directive.

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